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As a parent, progression of my child’s education is important to me as it marks a milestone in their lives and ever child learning capacity is different. Patsy said to me with certainty and affirmation – Don’t worry, your son will get pass his entry exams into Form 1. He Will Pass, her voice gave me comfort …. And the next day, we received news from his teachers, that my son indeed Passed and he was amongst the hand that he passed cried tears of joy!
Angelina. Wong
My experience with Patsy was absolutely positive. She supported me and helped me through one of the most difficult times I had to deal with. She found the way to give me back that serenity and self love I needed. I would totally recommend her
Marta Re Sartò
Through holy and spiritual enlightenment, Patsy is able to grasp what you are really feeling. In addition, Patsy, through critical thought analysis, is able to find individualized and customized solutions to solve the most difficulties in life through vast experiences in step by step approach to problem solving. Thus reducing the stress and anxiety one experiences which can have a significant impact on your physical well being. By doing so, she starts the healing process without delay
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Nancy. C
Medical Supervisor
Patsy has served my practice and the patients well over the last ten years. An area in which patsy has excelled is working with children who are struggling with troubling issues in their home environments and being disruptive in their classrooms at school. Patsy’s uses a variety of counseling methods based on each young person’s specific background and behavioral issues. encourages the patients in appropriate self-expression and communicates a genuine interest and concern for each patient.
Peter Magiola
CEO of Perfected Health



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